We believe that it was Dave that killed Elsa.

She plunged into the water.

You can use my desk if you want.

Basically, I agree with your opinion.


Could you translate some sentences for me?

I'm strong.

May we speak with you?

It's not just Harry's fault.

I don't exterminate your rats.

Put on your skates, I just waxed the woodfloor.

I can't speak French without making some mistakes.

Shawn was wearing John's pajamas.

He won her love.

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You sure have a lot of money.

Envied bread tastes good.

You don't seem to understand what's happened.

He was not sure what to do.

I told Rick the truth.

I told you before not to do that.

This world is difficult.


In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.

Rajeev was dying to meet Michel.

I asked Andy to take over for me.

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Nhan asked Danielle to turn off the computer and prepare dinner.

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She only reads prose.

What did they do to you?

I don't like you, Gil.


They fell madly in love after drinking a love potion.

Svante became Kerry's best friend.

We toured all the major cities.


Honzo found the experience frustrating.

I'm a doctor. How about you?

They play the piano.

Marian burned his report card.

See that the homework is done by the weekend.

We should learn from those who have gone before us.

Can we have a moment alone?

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Why do you drink a lot?

Olof is making a snack for Kitty.

I tried to leave early, but people kept asking me for help.

You can format and customize a worksheet, insert and use tables, charts, formulas and functions.

I blew the whistle on him.

I would like to repay your kindness in the near future.

I'm the same height as he is.

Let's find somewhere else to hide.

The average number of pregnancies per woman is two in industrialized countries.

I feel that I've wasted your time.

We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one's own ego and one's own desires.

I want to be a lumberjack.

My older brother often stayed up all night reading novels.

Tell him it's important.

Jay criticized the photo.


He is a hard man to get at.

I'm making about four times as much myself as when I first hired Tony.

I'm not finished.

"Hey, Kameko, don't you have a conscience?" "No." "You don't...? You don't have a conscience...?" "I had one, but now I don't."

Let's carry on the discussion.

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Many people are upset.


The results were spectacular.

We're just practicing.

You're reliable like a shack in the middle of a hurricane.

It's the first time that anybody said something like that to me.

Byron picked up that habit from his father.


We are familiar with the name of the place.

I am not interested in taking part in a survey: neither now nor in the future.

Could you tell me how to get to Osaka station?

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Tricia was embarrassed by her badly cooked dinner.


Who commands time?


Take your time.

In addition to taking the tests, we have to hand in an essay.

Why does everyone think that I'm stupid?

He's not shy about putting himself front and centre.

That wouldn't be fair.

Get me the key.

Joseph didn't give me anything for Christmas.


Don't lean against the doors.

We both can't be right.

So, what drove you to do it?

I'm meeting them for dinner.

I met a nice woman.

I often read books.

Heidi is getting better at that.

Her affectionate letter moved me.

She likes you very much.

I help nobody.

Why are you saying that to me?

That was actually really fun.

Lindsey lives an active life.

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Cindy dreaded having to tell her parents that she was pregnant.

Just wait a minute.

Lithuanian is a good language.


Susumu doesn't love Sandip.


I was going to talk to Dieter about that.


It is better to remain silent, than to talk without purpose.

The big secret's finally out.

He's very ill.


Maybe in a different universe, our basic five senses are useless and we would require different senses altogether.

Stay here and wait for him.

I listened to his talk.

Grace needs us to show him the way home.

He didn't attend class.

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The notorious expression of the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".


He just loves to bully people.

Where's the nearest church?

I need to know what's happening.


The floor was strewn with party favors: torn noisemakers, crumpled party hats, and dirty Power Ranger plates.

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When you read a book you should read between the lines.

That isn't much.

Where did you exorcize them?

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Insect-eating plants are equipped with various kinds of traps to catch insects.

Listen, I got some bad news.

We want our money.

Should we get Shari?

What exactly did you ask them?

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He came to my house on the pretext of seeing me.

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I respect those who always do their best.


Guillermo got on his bicycle.

You don't deserve to live.

In other aspects, the results of Laowang's health examination were all quite normal; it was just that his blood pressure was a bit high.

I'm not ready to retire.

If you say so.


It's worthless.

There is a dog!

As it happened, my grandmother was not at home.


Is your sister older than you?

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Rodger threw the photos in the fire.

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What exactly does it mean?


Alice did not see the dog.

She got nothing in reward for her kindness.

He became dispirited.


He held a session.

Watch out for his latest movie which comes out next month.

Sorry if I didn't understand something.

Why is there seasons?

I was about to leave home when an old friend of mine dropped in.

Would you like to go fishing with me?

I thought Clark was supposed to be here for three weeks.

The purest affection the heart can hold is the honest love of a nine-year-old.

The teenage friends stayed up talking all night.

Bjorne asked Mariou to return the money that he had lent her.

This path is dangerous.

I wanted to ask Karen how long he had lived in India.

Who found Julius?

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Be sure to hand in your homework by tomorrow.

You're not just my wife. You're my best friend.

I just want a little help.

Let's not deviate from the subject.

Sedat was my commanding officer.

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Let's have a beer.


Barry is one of the most beautiful girls I know.


His lecture disappointed us.

I proved him wrong.

Don't sound so disappointed.


His story made us laugh.

I became aware of someone looking at me.

Let Catherine do that for you.

Joyce knew what Lars was cooking.

June comes to Boston every two months.


Heather felt very tired.